Assess, address and improve your forum’s health. Forum health is a major driver in forum engagement, commitment and take-home value. If your forum has many disruptions, lacks structure or depth and needs a boost, this retreat will provide the essentials. Your forum will utilize assessment tools to gauge your forum’s current health, address the areas that need support and learn how to drive intimacy, trust and deep bonds.

Every forum can benefit from practicing communication strategies, transparency talk and creating a shared vision for your future. 

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Take Home Value

This retreat will provide the platform for safe and inclusive discussions about forum health (what works well and what needs support.) Transparent talk will be a key component to moving the forum forward with applicable skills for communication, conflicts (if any) will be resolved and exercises for deeper more robust sharing will be practiced and included for future meetings.

Venue Details

This modern custom 5-bedroom home sits along the jewel of the Southern California coast. Located in Laguna Beach, California, this home has stunning whitewater, ocean, Catalina and sunset views. There is entertaining space, indoor work space and right out the door are nature hikes. Restaurants are within walking distance.